Positive Traits (Here’s a few things—I don’t have time to list everything today)

Hard Working:
You are the antithesis of laziness.

While you work hard, you love to play hard.  A perfect balance.

You are intelligent.  And not just in book smarts, but also in street smarts.  I think you understand life itself better than most people do, and you’re commitment to continual learning is admirable.  And while you excel in things like accounting and politics, I believe deep down you feel like you can learn any subject if you wanted to.  But you’re smart enough to realize that not everything is worth learning.

Rebellious (in a good way):
My hat’s still off to you for getting your mom to sign a wavier that you could sign yourself out of school whenever you wanted to do.  But you don’t like to be confined by other people’s beliefs and limitations.  You’re not afraid to venture off the beaten path.  I sense a good deal of adventurous in there…  If you were in Robert Frost’s poem, you’d definitely be someone to take the road “less traveled by”.

The buck stops with you.  You’re always willing to give up what you want to do in order to finish what needs to be done.  (ex.  Homework)

You have a good sense of right and wrong, and you like for things to be “right”.  And you’re not afraid to be right.  Many people can’t handle the truth, but that’s what you are committed to, because (as I said before) you’re just someone who flies right side up in an upside down world.

You’re the master of your own ship.  In this world of strife, volatility, and increasing unpredictability, you have come to control the only thing in life that you can truly control:  Yourself.

You’re great at analysis; you’re good at figuring things out.  You’re good at seeing things that other people don’t.  You’re also good at seeing what’s not there—a natural Sherlock Holmes of our era.

You’re the Michael Jordan of your department.  When things go to heck in a hand basket in the accounting world, when things get too hard for everyone else, who do they send?  And when there’s only 10 seconds on the clock and you’re down by 2, what does Phil Jackson say in the huddle?  GIVE THE BALL TO MICHAEL!!!

I still remember buying you that starbucks card to celebrate you quitting smoking, and I remember thinking to myself, “But if I buy this card for her, I’m pretty dang sure that she’s not going to spend it all on herself…”  But I didn’t just want to spend a few bucks on one drink… so I got you the card.  And as I figured, you didn’t spend it all on yourself.  And that’s why I said your friends are lucky to know you.  Because you have a good heart.

You’re a catalyst that sets the bar high for yourself and everyone and everything around you.  Whether it’s going to school or quitting smoking or taking a rehab program for alcohol or moving out on your own or moving back to home or whatever… You have an innate drive to improve things.  You change things.  Life can never be the same with you, and that’s okay because you don’t believe in a status quo, because you’re haunted by the thought “There has to be a better way.”  And while at times, that can be painful, it’s one of your best gifts.  You make things better.  The world is a better place simply because you lived.

Great Mom:
You’re totally in love with your kids 🙂  And you’d sacrifice everything you could for them to have a better life than you do:  You’re the best thing that ever happened to them.

Best Friend:
My favorite part.