In my friend, I find a second self.
–I. Norton


Time Doesn’t Exist

Yesterday you talked about water representing freedom.  I mentioned that one of the beautiful things about water is that it’s always changing.  You could sit by a riverside for an eternity and realize that you never really saw the exact same view twice.  Every second would be unique, priceless…  It reminds me that time doesn’t really exist.  It’s just an abstract concept to help us keep track of all the changes going on in life.  If nothing changed, if the sun stopped mid sunset, if the cars on a bridge ceased moving, if the waves of a river froze in place,… if your heart stopped beating, but your eyes could still see, you’d understand that while sometimes memories are best recorded with video, life is best lived frame to frame.  Because all we have is now.  The past is gone.  And the future doesn’t yet exist, and it never will.  True freedom is experienced when we live life moment to moment and try to make the most of the single, unique, precious second set before us.  And that’s one of the hardest things for me to do.  I struggle with it a lot.  You know when we were kids, it was so easy to immerse ourselves in whatever we were doing.  Picking a flower.  Staring at some dirt in the closet thinking that it’s bugs or ants.  Water color painting.  Even just eating…  Somewhere while we were growing up we learned how to think about multiple problems at the same time.  We started eating while reading emails.  We started texting while driving.  Look at us now.  Me personally, I can’t stop thinking.  I just maul over things in my head again and again and again… to no end… overwhelmed is an understatement.  That’s one of the main reasons why I like watching a body of water.  It’s the only time that I swear my heart stops beating.  I feel the breeze on my face again, the warmth of the sun.  I stop regretting the past.  I stop worrying about the future.  I briefly let go of my problems.  For a moment, I feel free.  I feel alive again.
When I send you these pictures, I know you have a million other things to do.  I know life is coming at you from every angle.  But I hope you stop everything you’re doing for just a moment,… just one single moment… and imagine yourself there.  If for only one second a day, feel the ground beneath your feet, feel the clothes on your back, the air moving in your lungs, forget everything and live.
image001 bridge water