Never Forget

You put my heart back together. You found me when no one else could. You make me better. You make me believe in myself more… You bring out the best in me. And don’t forget it!

And you make me smile 🙂
I love you

Which one do you think I am?


I don’t think any of those terms adequately describes you.  Each one of those terms are used as caricatures in the movie to define ordinary people.  And I would hardly call you ordinary.

See in the movie, the Brain is self-destructive.  The athlete has identity issues because he’s living life to please his dad.  The basket case, although a loner and has a keener perspective on life in the movie, has nothing to live for.  The princess is insecurely shallow, just trying to fit in.  And the criminal (which I’ll from now on refer to as REBEL), although free spirited, is ultimately a coward (as seen when Mr. Vernon offers up a fight).

So while you are a dork 🙂 a B isn’t the end of the world for you.

While you are athletic and have all the traits of a winner, you’re not letting other people vicariously live through you.
While you are a loner and have a deeper perspective on life, you have things to live for.
While you are a princess and pretty, you’re not shallowly just trying to fit in.
And while you are a rebellious free spirit, you are no coward.  In fact you already know I think you’re courageous.

See you’re the best of all those people.  But you don’t have their fatal flaws.  You’re extraordinary.  I would say you’re what the Architect in the Matrix calls Neo.  And keep in mind Neo’s the hero.  That makes you a heroine.  But I like it the way the Architect says it:

You’re an anomaly.

1 divided by zero equals infinity.