Heard a song while I was out

Well the reason why it was going really good is because I was listening to this beautiful song. It had this haunting melody to it. (And a killer bass line). The kind of song that gets stuck in your head long after the music stops. The kind that you catch yourself humming when you’re alone and everything’s quiet. I heard it while out running errands so I didn’t make out all the words… So I don’t know the name of the song yet. But I hope I hear it again sometime. Because it was one of those songs that when it ended, everything just seemed… Slower… Like something was missing in the world again.
Well it’s interesting describing this song because it’s hard to classify; it doesn’t really fit into any category… makes it rare and slightly…. enigmatic.  That’s part of the allure to it though.  So while it’s beautiful, you can honestly say you’ve never heard something like it ever before in your life.  Makes you feel like you’ve waited 25 years of your life to finally be alive.  But simply:  It was enchanting.  Made me feel like I was sitting next to angel singing.

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