Plain…. Hardly

Saturday night you said that you looked plain that you looked like any other mom who had kids… I thought you should know: if the first time we met was on an airplane or in line somewhere, at some point I would’ve asked what you did for a living. But before asking I would’ve guessed: red carpet actress, fashion model, news reporter,… idk some sort of celebrity….  Anything that would put your picture on a billboard or something because that’s where it belongs. Just like I told you the other day in your truck: you have this picturesque quality to you. To put it simply: your feminine physique fascinates me and I think your drop dead gorgeous.

Plain….. Hardly


Never Forget

You put my heart back together. You found me when no one else could. You make me better. You make me believe in myself more… You bring out the best in me. And don’t forget it!

And you make me smile 🙂
I love you